Anthem Telecom is a leader in the master planned development of multi-carrier wireless communications facilities.

Anthem Telecom enables the delivery of advanced wireless voice and data services (including cellular, Wi-Fi, public safety and 2-way radio) to underserved environments — where facilities are most needed by end-users, yet face problematic space, aesthetic and/or land use constraints.

Anthem Telecom engages in full turnkey programs designed to ensure deployment of the lowest-impact, highest-quality wireless communications facilities possible.

Key activities include:

  •  Planning
  •  Designing
  •  Securing carrier participation
  •  Financing
  •  Constructing
  •  Operating
  •  Upgrading/Expanding

Anthem Telecom clients include nationally-recognized wireless carriers and institutional property owners. Our reference projects serve renowned campuses, commerce hubs, entertainment venues, retail centers, residential communities and strategic roadways. Our wireless infrastructure toolkit includes communications tower sites, distributed antenna systems and small cells.

On each Anthem Telecom project, our mission is to secure the outcome that best addresses the varied interests of multiple stakeholders.


Wireless Carriers

Institutional Property Owners

Government Entities


  • Capture high priority targets that have strong barriers to entry
  • Increase speed to market
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Maximize choice and quality of communications services available to target audiences
  • Maintain consistency with existing aesthetics
  • Reduce information technology infrastructure management burden
  • Increase profitability
  • Minimize proliferation of communications facilities
  • Maximize choice and quality of communications services available throughout areas of oversight
  • Enjoy high quality wireless communications services without visual impacts

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